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Recorded live at the Burgundy Ballroom by Keith Cooper and Frank McLallen, Spring 2013. Mixed and mastered by Toby Vest and Doug Easley. All in Memphis, Tennessee, baby. This collection includes all the hits, including To My Brother The Man, Everything Is Gonna Kill You, But You're Not, Change My Mind, and more!! Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this work, to deal in the work without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, distribute, merge, make derivative works, publicly display, publicly perform, publicly defame, or burn this work.


released February 14, 2014

We are Chris Owen, David Johnson, and Philip Weaver, and we would like to thank an endless list of cool cats, namely God, and all His Kin, especially the ones that put up with us hangin round. Thanks to our inspirations, and our ancestors, for holdin down the beat, and to the future gens, who this is all about, for stayin in the pocket. Yeeeaahh!



all rights reserved


TIME Memphis, Tennessee

TIME is the product of the combined efforts of three distinctly different kinds of majik, all conjured by the esteemed members, they being one Chris Owen, who by way of fortune finds himself a lifelong native of Memphis, a David Johnson, whom some call "Stretch" and one Philip Weaver, who hails from the wilds of Hardin County, where the giant catfish roams. In conjunction, they become TIME. ... more

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Track Name: The Utopia Is Here
Hey all you sons and daughters of the free masons. why dont u ride yer bikes across the united nations. Everybody decided to stop eating meat. No body drives a car anymore, theres to many cows in the street. But the bike lanes are clear. The Utopia is here! Don't you know yer fathers couldnt stand out in the rain? If you cant beat em join em, theres no one to blame. All the rich folks gave up the fortunes to buy the old folks respirators, and the poor folks all got A/C and a brand new scientific calculator, cause theres a 35 percent tax on tears. Its here! Aint no more doctors cause there aint no disease, and the fountain of youth was found in the stinger of a bee. All the kids are in school and they got shoes on their feet. Everybody you know knows the justice of the peace. There's even hope for the queer. The Utopia is here! Youre in good hands in all the states with the Karma credit line. You can get cheap smokes anywhere where you can get cheap wine. Aint no more money! People just trade compliments, and a sunny disposition is the only sacrament. You've got ta be of good cheer. The Utopia is here.
Track Name: Rattlesnake Daddy
Im a rattlesnake daddy from sunny Tennessee. Im a rattlesnake daddy from sunny Tennessee. When you here me rattle, you better get down on your knees. Well I been down to georgia, been down to New Orleans. Been out to California, been down to New Orleans, and those rich girls always make me feel so mean. Well when you throw them Rattlers up across my brow. ha, yer killin me, when you throw these rattlers up across my brow. Im just a rattlesnake daddy, you better clear the track, cause once you go rattlesnake aint no comin back.
Track Name: Daddy's Boots
Track Name: Change My Mind
I'm tired of talking. There's a silence in my head, like I were dead, and I think you would break me into a thousand pieces if you speak. But whats the point in the words we use if nobody bleeds? I don't have to give you a reason to be lonely girl, its not what you need. I've got to change my mind, cause I'm tired of hating, and this smoke in my veins. I think I've gone insane. And my house is burning. Its up in flames. A man cant believe everything he thinks. Its just not what it seems. I've got to stop the false hearted way that I realize my dreams. Ive gotta change my mind.
Track Name: Bright Pendulumn
I went down the list one day of all sins I could do. Took me till at last my mind was drawn beyond the sun's bright pendulum. You were there, right next to me. I held you in my arms. The love you gave had to come from beyond the sun's bright pendulum.I rose again, but from a dream, and as I opened my eyes, the world I saw was not my home beyond the sun's bright pendulum. Your not mine. I am free and forever will be. Let those judgments all be done beyond the sun's bright pendulum. For who can know that hour of death as though it is of stone, or know the glory of the throne beyond the sun's bright pendulum. Though you may wonder far among the lonesome wilds, you'll forever know it when your home beyond the sun's bright pendulum.
Track Name: To My Brother The Man
To my brother, The Man, take me down to the station. I'll hold your hand, and the Chief, filled with inspiration, will pass out all the guns. And we will go together to the aftermath. Ill leave my hate behind and you can leave your wrath. To my brother The Man, take me down to the courthouse. I'll hold your hand, and the judges, filled with inspiration, will gouge out the eyes of justice once again. And we will go together to the chambers there. We can both take a stand, and burn down the stairs. To my brother the man, lets take a walk down the prison ward. I'll hold your hand. And the watchmen, filled with inspiration, will open all the doors. And we will go together to the after party. I'll bring the Jim Beam. You bring the molly. To my brother the man, lets take this show all the way to washington. I'll hold your hand. And the statesmen, and the statesmens sons, will go back to livin off the land. And we will go together to that sacred ceremony. I'll leave my chains behind, and you can leave your money. To my brother the man, Lets go down home again. I'll hold your hand, and mybe this time, there will be somebody there to let us in. And we can go together to the table there. I will, if you think you're able.
Track Name: But You're Not
If you're lost I could find you, but you're not.
If you were crazy I could calm you, but you're not.
If you were hungry I could feed you, but you're not.
If you were tired I could lay with you, but you're not.
If you were free I would scoop you up, but you're not.
If you were trapped I could free you, but you're not
If you were lost I could find you, but you're not.
Track Name: Everything Is Gonna Kill You
These are the original lyrics, as they were dictated through an interpreter, during the excorsism that ended in the blood pact that formed this band.

crn syrop dust bunnies
methanol and egyptian mummies
philanthropy and monogamy
poltergeist and sodomy

bullet proofs and poultry cuts
donkey teeth and cigarette butts
laundro-mats and thesis papers
made for network TV capers

Virgin Mobile and Crimson tide
Vegan meat and the bonafide
loose shoe strings and dirty aprons
Chem Trails and aerosol Vapors

Channel surfing and ocean water
The girl in your bed and the things you bought her
Beatle juice and shower curtains
Golden fleece and deep sea urchins

Pancakes, bacon, sausage and eggs
the judicial branch and manequine legs
Farm boys and the institution
The seventh ammendment in the constitution

Pogs, Magic and Dragon Ballz
Coast to Coast and the Muhadeen
Adults Swimming in a kiddie pool
you tube myspace and power tools
Troy Aikman, Hurricanes,
High heeled shoues and hard fought fame
bonfires, catipillars, Crysler jeep
bad haircuts, the stuff you keep

Boogie man and the monster in the lake
Barbie dollls and easy bake
Felatio and coppertone
Allergies and chicken bones

pegasus and muppet babies
Valentines and homless crazies
Aprs and don quixote
dive bars and david bowie

cheap cigars and railway stations
gravity and a sideways nation
think tanks and limousines
CEOs and steve mcqueen

Coffee shops and SUVs
prince Albert and poetry
Blender motors and the market
The cheap sunglasses you get at target

the high pitched squeal of a tv set
the turn the river and a real bad bet
the lights on the porch in your own back yard
your f*#king hand
the sheites the shuns and the gypsy band

Teslas coil and DNA
Fraggle Rock and Frisco Bay
Cheap perfume and bad hygene
Lacey underwear and black eyed peas.
Track Name: Shadow of Love
She used to love me, but that was yesterday. Now I've gone and lost my way. It's darkness, like the sun went black. I can't see in front and I can't go back, but I think I see the shadow of love. My friends they all hate me. They've left me alone. This blade of silence cuts to the bone. Loneliness is lurking down deep inside, but I think I see the shadow of love. By the signs of the times there is little doubt that this way of man is on its way out. A red sun sets on a wintry chill and death is lurking waiting to kill, but I think I see the shadow of love. I think I see the shadow of love.